Why credential issuance should be holder-driven

  • The thinking for this post came as we prepare for the public launch of our AiP 1.0 mobile wallet app — and as we prepare to demonstrate AiP 2.0 compliance.
  • This post assumes that the holder is already in full control of their interactions and relationships. It also assumes that the entire way of delivering digital ID is user-driven. This post is specifically meant to make the reader think about how to create more stickiness around credential issuance implementations.
  • There is a need for better UX in SSI to spur more adoption — and we’re hopeful that “holder-driven credential issuance” can become a more common approach.

The process of credential issuance should be holder-driven

Relationships and personas

Establishing a connection (onboarding)

A connection request QRCode sent via email

Managing a relationship



CEO, Northern Block

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