Standardizing Legal Entity Verification

Image 1 — The cost of establishing trust reduces with the elimination of silos
  • What is the State of Legal Entity Verification today?
  • What is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)?
  • What is a Verifiable LEI (vLEI)?
  • Should Governments be involved in the issuance of LEIs?
  • Who can issue LEIs? Can Issuers monetize the issuance of LEIs?
  • How are Relationships established between Legal Entities and Natural Persons?
  • How GLEIF is establishing itself as a Root of Trust for Digital Trust Ecosystems.
  • How to Chain Credentials and enable dependencies to be set between credentials within a value chain.
  • Can vLEIs work with the Aries/Indy stack?
  • What are some current Use Cases for vLEIs?



CEO, Northern Block

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