The orchestration required to bring together Decentralized Identity ecosystems is today’s biggest gap for Commercial SSI.

This blog post was based off of a podcast conversation with Charles Walton.

By this I mean the Trust over IP, Level 4 Governance Authorities that are required to make something commercially real.

A youth league soccer referee governs the various elements within a rulebook.

We have the approaches, the principles, the technologies and the standards down. There is also clear market…

I’ve now used versions of this post in various presentations, including a UN/CEFACT Forum Webinar, the Blockchain Technology Symposium 2021 (BTS’ 21) and others.

I feel like it’s a good primer on Self-Sovereign Identity, that takes us away from the technology, allowing us to focus more on the why.


The rise of Digital Wallets and Verifiable Data Standards & Technologies are a foundation that can be leveraged by companies looking to transition into recurring revenue models, without disrupting their existing business models.

The portable and reusable properties of Verifiable Credentials make them a great vehicle for trust providers to unlock new recurring revenue opportunities.

Generating recurring revenue on the same IP has become key to some of the world’s most valuable companies. In a simpler age, we’d buy Microsoft Office on a…

As per the title of this blog.

The world continues its migration towards digital-first solutions. As the common saying goes, software is eating the world.

When attempting to digitally innovate around identity, it’s quite common for organizations to simply create digital replicates of physical identity methods/documents. …

Mathieu Glaude

CEO, Northern Block

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